30 April 1770
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30 April 1770

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30 April 1770

Monday, 30th As soon as the wooders and wateres were come on board to dinner 10 or 12 of the natives came to the watering place and took away their canoes that lay there but did not offer to touch any one of our Casks that had been left ashore and in the after noon 16 or 18 of them came boldly up to within 100 yards of our people at the watering place and there made a stand - Mr Hicks who was the officer ashore did all in his power to entice them to him by offering them presents &Ca but it was to no purpose  all they seem'd to want was for us to be gone - after staying a short time they went away   they were all arm'd with darts and wooden swords, the darts have each four prongs and pointed with fish bones and those we have seen seem to be intend more for strikeing fish than offensive weapons neither are they poisoned as we at first thought — After I had returnd from sounding the bay I went over to a Cove on the south north side of the bay where in 3 or 4 hauls with the Saine we caught about 300 pounds weight of fish which I caused to be equally divided among the Ships Company — In the AM I went in the Pinnace to sound and explore the North side of the bay where I neither met with inhabitants or any thing remarkable — Mr Green took the Suns Meridion Altitude a little with the south entrence of the bay which gave the Latitude 34°..0' So

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