28 April 1770
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28 April 1770

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28 April 1770

Saturday 28th In the PM hoisted out the Pinnace and yawl in order to attempt a landing but the Pinnace took in the water so fast that she was obliged to be hoisted in again to stop her leakes - At this time we saw several people a shore four of whome where carrying a small boat or Canoe which we imagined they were going to but into the water in order to come off to us but in this ^we were mistaken    Being now not above two Miles from the Shore Mr Banks Dr Solander Tupia and myself put off in the yawl and pull'd in for the land to a place where we saw four or five of the natives who took to the woods as we approachd the Shore which disapointed us in our ^the expectation we had of getting a near view of them if not to speak to them but our disapointment ^was heighten'd when we found that we no where could effect a landing by reason of the great surff which beat every where upon the shore - we saw hauld up upon the beach 3 or 4 small Canoes which to us appear'd not much unlike the small ones of New Zeland, in the woods were several trees of the Palm kind and no under wood and this was all we were able to observe of the country from the boat after which we returnd to the Ship about 5 in the evening. at this time it fell calm and we were not above a mile and a half from shore ^in a 11 fathom water and within some breakers that lay to the southward of us    but luckily a light breeze came off from the land which carried us out of danger and with which we stood to the northward    At day light in the morning we discover'd a Bay which appeard to be tollerably well shelterd from all winds into which I resoloved to go with the Ship and with this view sent the Master in the Pinnace to sound the entrance while we kept turning up with the Ship haveing the wind right out   At Noon the entran[c]e bore NNW distance 1 Mile —

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