24 April 1770
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24 April 1770

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24 April 1770

Tuesday 24th In the PM had variable Light airs and calms untill 6 oClock at which time a breeze sprung up at NBW. at this time we had 70 fathom water being about 4 or 5 Leagues from the land the Pigeon house bearing N. 40° West. and Mount Dromedary So 30° West and the northermost land in sight No 19° East - Stood to the NE untill noon haveing a gentle breeze at NW. at which time we tack'd and stood to the westward being than by obsern in the Latde of 35° 10' So and Longde 208° 51' [48 in pencil] Wt A point of land which I named Cape St George we having discover'd it on that Saints day, bore West distant 19 Miles and the Pigeon house So 75° West,  the Latitude ^and Longitude of which I fo^und to be 35°..19' S and 209° 42' West. In the morning we found the Variation to be by the Ampde 7°..50 East by several Azimuths 7°..54' East

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