21 April 1770
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21 April 1770

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21 April 1770

Saturday 21st Winds Southerly a gentle breeze and clear weather with which we coasted along shore to the northward. In the PM we saw the smook of fire in several places a certain sign that the Country is inhabited - At 6 oClock being about 2 or 3 Leagues from the land we shortned sail and sounded and found 44 fathom water a sandy bottom; stood on under an easy sail untill 12 oClock at which time we brought too untill 4 AM when we made sail again having than 90 fathom water ^5 Leagues from the land At 6 oClock we were a breast of a pretty high mountain laying near the shore which on account of its figure I named Mount Dromedary Latde 36°..18' So Longde 209°..55' Wt / The shore under the foot of this Mountain forms a point which I have named Cape Dromedary over which is a peaked hillick    At this time found the Variation ^to be 10°.42' Et Between 10 and 11 oClock Mr Green and I took several observations of the Sun and Moon the mean result of which gave 209°..17' West Longitude from the Meridion of Greenwich. By observations made yesterday we were in the Longitude 210°..9' - 20' gives 209°..49' the Longitude of the Ship to day at noon per yesterdays observations, the mean of which and to days gives 209°..33' Wt by which I fix the Longitude of this Coast - our Latitude at Noon was 35°..49' So Cape Dromedary bore So 30° Wt distt 12 Leagues - an open Bay wherein lay three or 4 small Islands bore NWBW distant 4 ^5 or 6 Leagues   this Bay seem'd to be but very little shelterd from the sea winds and yet it is the only likely anchoring place I have yet seen upon the Coast

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