19 April 1770
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19 April 1770

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19 April 1770

Thursday 19th In the PM had fresh gales at SSW and Clowdy Squaly weather with a large Southerly Sea - At 6 took in the Topsails and at 1 AM brought too and sounded but had no ground with 130 fathoms of line - At 5 Set the Topsails Close reef'd and 6 saw land extending from NE to West at the distance of 5 or 6 Leagues having 80 fathom water a fine sandy bottom    We continued Standing to the westward ^with the wind at SSW untill 8 oClock at which time we got topgt yards aCross made all sail, and bore away along shore NE for the Eastermost land we had in sight, being at this time in the Latitude of 37°..58' So and Longd of 210°..39' West. the Southermost Point of land we had in sight which bore from us W1/4S I judged to lay in the Latitude of 38°..0' So and in the Longitude of 211°..07' Wt from the Meridion of Greenwich. I have named it Point Hicks, because Leuitt Hicks was the first who discover'd this land —

To the Southward of this point we could see no land and yet it was very clear in that quarter and by our Longitude compared with that of Tasmans the body of Vandiemens land ought to lay have been due south from us and from the soon falling of the Sea after the wind abated I had reason to think it did. but as we did not see it and finding this coast to trend NE and SW or rather more to the westward makes me doubtfull whether they are land or no: however every one who compares this Journal with that of Tasman will be as good a judge I am but it is necessary to observe that I do not take the situation of Vandiemens from the printed charts but from the extract of Tasman's Journal published by Dirk Rembrantse —

At Noon we were in the Latd of 37° 50' and Longd of 210..29Wt the extremes of the land extending from NW to ENE are markerable point

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