26 March 1770
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26 March 1770

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26 March 1770

Monday 26th At 3 PM the wind came to north and we steer'd ESE with all the sail we could set untill dark when we shortend sail untill the morning having thick misty weather all night     we kept the lead going continualy and had from 37 to 42 fathoms At day light we saw the land bearing SEBE and an Island laying near it bearing ESE distant 5 Leagues, This I knew to be the Island seen from the Entrance of Queen Cha^rlotte's Sound from which it bears NWBN distant 9 Leagues - At Noon it bore SE distant 4 ^or 5 miles, and the NW head of Queen Charlottes Sound bore SEBS distant 101/2 Leagues    Latitude Observed 43°.. 33' So Longitude made from                 0°.. 43' East  —

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