13 March 1770
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13 March 1770

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13 March 1770

Tuesday 13th Strong gales between the SWBW and SSW with a large hollow sea from the same quarter. In the PM had frequent squals with showers of rain, in the night had several very heavy squalls attended with showers of hail which obliged us to take in our topsails during the night. Steer'd NNW untill 6 AM when seeing no land we steer'd NBE and set the main topsail close reef'd - At 8 oClock Set the fore topsail single reef'd, loosed all the reefs out of the Main topsail and steer'd NEBE1/2E in order to make the land - At 10 saw it bearing ENE and appear'd to be very high but being hazey over it we could see nothing distinct neither now nor at noon when by Obsern we were in the Latitude of 46°.0' So Course and distance sail'd sence yesterday N 5° Wt 96 Miles and Longitude made from the South Cape 1°..40' West —

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