10 March 1770
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10 March 1770

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10 March 1770

Saturday 10th PM Moderate breeze at NWBN and north with which we stood close upon a Wind to the westward     At sunset the Southermost point of land which I have ^afterwards named South Cape and which lies in the Latde of 47°..19' S, Longd 192°..12 West from Greenwich bore N 38° Et distant 4 Leagues and the westermost land in sight bore No 2° East: this last was a small Isld lying off the point of the Main. I began now to think that this was the southermost land and that we should be able to get round it by the west, for we have had a large hollow SW ell from the SW ever sence we had the last gale of wind from that quarter which makes me think that there is no land in that direction —

In the night it began to blow in so much that at ^or before day light we were brought under our two Courses, but at 8 AM it fell moderate and we set the topsails close reef'd and the Mizn and Mizn staysail being split we unbent them and bent others. At Noon the wind coming to west we tack'd and stood to the northward. having no land in sight - our Latitude by Observation was 47°..33' So Longde west from the South Cape 0°..59' —

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