4 March 1770
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4 March 1770

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4 March 1770

Sunday 4th At 4 PM the wind coming to the northward we stood to the west ward with all the sail we could make. In the morning got up Top gallant yards and set the sails, found the Varn to 16°..16' East. Saw several whales, seals, and one Penguin, this bird was but small of the sort but seem'd to be such a one as we had never seen before     We have seen several seals sence we pass'd the Strait, but never saw one upon the whole Coast of Aehei no mouwe     We sounded both in the night and this morning but found no bottom with 150 fathoms of line. At Noon we saw Cape Saunders bearing N1/2W our Latitude by observation was 46°..31' South

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