26 February 1770
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26 February 1770

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26 February 1770

Monday 26th In the PM had ^the wind whifling [sic] all round the Compass, sometimes blowing a fresh gale and at other times almost calm. At 5 oClock it fixed at WSW and soon blowed so hard as to put us past our topsails, and to split the fore sail all to pieces: after geting another to the yard we continued standing to the southward under two Courses. At I AM the wind moderating set the topsails with one reef out; but soon after day light the Gale increased to a Storm with heavy squalls attended with rain  this brought us again under our courses, and the Main topsail being split we unbent it and brought another to the yard. At 6 oClock the souther most land in sight bore WBN and Cape Saunders bore NBW distant six eight Leagues  At Noon it bore N 20° Wt distant 14 Leagues; Latde Obd 46°.. 356'

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