24 February 1770
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24 February 1770

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24 February 1770

Saturday 24th Calm untill 6 PM at which time a light breeze sprung up at ENE. with which we steer'd SSE all night edgeing off from the land because of a hollow swell which we had from the SE. depth of water from 60 to 75 fathom. At day light the wind began to freshen and before noon blowed a fresh gale and veer'd to NNE. At 8 AM saw the land extending as far as SWBS which we steer'd directly for and at Noon was ^we were in the Latitude of 45°..22' So the land in sight extending from SW1/2S to NNW, makeing high and hilly. Course and distance run sence yesterday at noon is S. 25°.Wt 47 Miles. In the PM while we lay becalm'd Mr Banks in a small boat, shott two Port Egmont Hens which were in every respect the same sort of Birds as are found in great numbers upon the Islands of Faro: they are of a very dark brown plumage with a little white upon about the under side of their wings and are as large as a moscovy duck; these were the first that we have seen sence we arrived upon the Coast of this Country, but we saw of them for some days before we made land —

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