15 February 1770
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15 February 1770

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15 February 1770

Thursday 15th In the PM Four double Canoes wherein were 57 Men Came off to the Ship, they kept at the distance of about a Stones throw from us and would not be prevail'd upon to put along side by all that Tobia could say to them, from this we concluded that they never had heard any thing of our being upon the coast.‡  At 8 oClock PM a breeze sprung up at SSW with which we stretched off SE, because some on board thought they saw land in that quarter, we continued on this course untill 6 oClock AM at which time we had run a Eleven Leagues, but saw no land but that which we had left. soon after this it fell calm and continued so for about an hour, than a light breeze sprung up at west which afterwards Veer'd to the north ^and we stood to the westward. At Noon our Latitude by observation was 42°..56' So and the high land we were a breast of yesterday at noon NNW1/2W

‡ After looking at for some time She pull'd in for the land like an Island above mentioned on which account I call'd it Lookers on.

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