2 January 1770
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2 January 1770

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2 January 1770

Tuesday 2d Fresh breezes at SSW and West accompan'd with a rowling Sea from the SW    At 5 PM the wind veering to the westward we tack'd and stood to the Southward. at this time the North Cape bore E3/4N and was just open of a point that lies 3 Leagues west and by south from it and this is what I suppose Tasman calls Cape Maria Van Dieman a name I shall not continue in my map but shall comprehend under the name of the North Cape    the Whole of the point of this Peninsula; being now well assured that it is the Northermost extremity of this Country and is ^the East point of a Peninsula ^which stretches out NW and NWBN, 17 or 18 Leags and as I have before observe'd is for the most part low and narrow except its extremity where the land is tollerable high and extends 5 4 or 5 Leagues every way, the middle of it being in the Longitude of way, Cape Maria Vandeimen is the west point of this peninsula and lies in the Latitude of 34° 30' Longde 187° 18' West from Greenwich and the most northermost point lies in the Latitude of 34° 22' South From this westermost part of the Cape the land trends away SEBS and SE to and behond Mount Camel — — — and is everywhere a barren shore affording no better a prospect than what ariseth from white sand banks. At 1/2 past 7 PM the Islands of the Three Kings bore NWBN and the west part of the North Cape Cape Maria Van diemen NEBE distt 4 Leagues. At 5 AM the North Cape C Maria Vandeemen bore NNE1/2E and Mount Camel — bore East - At Noon was in the Latd of 35°.17' and the north Cape ^Maria Van diemen by judgment bore North distant 16 Leagues having no land in sight not daring to go near it as the wind blow'd fresh right on Shore and a high rowling Sea from the same quarter, and knowing that there was no harbour that we could put into in case we were caught upon a lee shore —

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