1 January 1770
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1 January 1770

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1 January 1770

Monday, 1st Janry 1770. PM fresh breeze and at SWBS and squally, the remainder moderate breezes at SWBS and SW clear weather. At 7 PM Tack'd and Stood to the Westward, the high land over the West point of           which lies on the Eastern side of the coast At this time Mount Camel bore N. 83° East and the northermost land or Cape Maria Van Diemen NBW, being distant from the nearest shore 3 Leagues; in this situation had 40 fathom water. Note, the high land above mentioned Mount Camel doth not appear to lay little more than a Mile from the sea on this side and about the same distance on the other, so that the land here cannot be above 2 or 3 Miles broad from sea to sea, which is what I conjecter'd when we wasere ^in Sandy bay on the other side of the coast. — At 6 AM tack'd and Stood to the Eastward the Island of the Three Kings NWBN - At Noon tack'd again and stood to the westward being in the latitude of 34°..37' So The Island of the 3 Kings bore NWBN distant 10 or 11 Leagues and a point of land      Leagues to the westward of the north Cape bore and Cape Maria Vandiemen N. 31° Et distant 41/2 Leagues, in this situation had 54 fathom water. ^I cannot help thinking but what It will appear a little strange that at this season of the year we should be three weeks in getting 10 Leagues to the westward and five weeks in geting 50 Leagues ^for so long it is sence we pass'd C. Brett - but it will hardly be credited that in the midest of summer and in the Latitude of 35° such a gale of wind as we have had could have happen'd, which for its strength and continuence was such as I hardly was ever in before - Fortunately at this time we were a good distance from land otherwise it would have proved fatal to us —

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