6 December 1769
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6 December 1769

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6 December 1769

Wednesday, 6th PM had a gentle breeze at NNW, with which we kept turning out of the Bay but gain'd little or nothing, in the evening it fell little wind at 10 oClock it was Calm: at this time the tide or Current seting the Ship near one of the Islands where we was very near being a shore but by the help of our boat and a light air from the southward we got clear; about an hour after when we thought ourselves out of all danger the Ship struck upon a Sunken rock and went immediatly clear without receiving any perceptible damage; just before the man in the chains had 17 fathom water and immediatly after she struck 5 fathom, but very soon deepen'd to 20. This rock lies half a mile WNW off from the northermost or outermost Island that lies on the SE side of the Bay. Had light airs from the land and some times Calm untill 9 oClock AM, by this time we had got out of the Bay and a breeze springing up at NNW, we stood out to sea - At Noon Cape Brett bore SSE1/2E distant 10 Miles. Latd Observed 34°.59' St

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