29 November 1769
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29 November 1769

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29 November 1769

Wednesday 29th Fresh Gales at NW and WNW. Kept plying to Windward untill 7 AM and finding that we lost ground every board we made, I thought I could not do better then to bear up for the Bay which lies the to the Westward of Cape Bret, it being at this time not above 2 Leagues to leeward of us, for by puting into that Bay there we shall ^should gain some knowlidge of it; on the Contrary by keeping the Sea with a Contrary wind, we are were sure of meeting with nothing new —

These reasons induced me to bear away for the Bay and at 11 oClock we Anchor'd under the S.W. side of one of the many Islands that line the SE side of this Bay it in 41/2 fathom water; but as we fell into this shoal'd water all at once, we anchor'd sooner then was intended and sent the master with two boats to sound, who soon found that we had got upon a bank that speted off from the ^NW end of the Island and that on the outside of it was 8 and 10 fathom water —

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