20 November 1769
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20 November 1769

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20 November 1769

Monday 20th Moderate breeze at SSE and fair weather. At 2 PM the Boats returnd from sounding not haveing found above 3 feet more water than where we now lay; upon this I resolved to go no farther with the Ship.   but to examine the head of the Bay in the boats for as it appeared to run a good way inland I thought this a good oportunity to see a little of the Interior parts of the Country and its produce: Accordingly at Day light in the morning I set out with the Pinnace and Long boat accompaned by Mr Banks, Dr Solander and Tobiaupia. We found the Bay inlet end in a ^fresh water River about 9 Miles above the Ship, Into which we enterd with the first of the flood and before we had gone 3 miles up it found the water quite fresh. We saw a number of the natives and landed at one of their Villages  the Inhabitants of which received us with open arms, we made but a short stay with them but proceeded up the River untill near Noon, when finding the ^face of the Country to continue pretty much the same and no alteration in the Course or stream of the ^River or the least probillity of seeing the end of it, we landed on the West side in order to take a View of the lofty Trees which adorne its banks, being at this time 12 or 14 Miles within the entrance and here the tide of flood run as strong as it doth in the River T^hams below bridge

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