19 November 1769
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19 November 1769

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19 November 1769

Sunday 19th At 1 PM a breeze sprung up at East which afterwards came to NE and with it we steer'd along shore SBE and SSE, having from 25 to 18 fathom water. At half past 7 ^having run 7 or 8 Leags sence noon we Anchor'd in 23 fm not chooseing to run any further in the dark, having the land on both sides of us, forming the entrence of a Streight, Bay or River laying in SBE for on that point of the Compass we could see no land. At Day light AM, the wind being still favourable, we weigh'd and run under an easy sail up the Inlet keeping nearest the East side. Soon after we had got under Sail three large canoes came off to the Ship and several of the People came on board upon the very first invitation; this was owing to their having heard of our being upon the Coast and the manner we had treated the Natives. I made each of those that came on board a small present and after about an hours stay they went away well satisfied. After having run five Leagues from the place where we anchor'd last night our depth of water gradually decreased to 6 fathom and into less I did not choose to go, and as the wind was right in blow'd right up the inlet and tide of flood we came too an Anchor nearly in the middle of the Channell which is here about 11 Miles over and after this sent two Boats to Sound the one on one side and the other on the other —

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