5 November 1769
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5 November 1769

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5 November 1769

Sunday 5th Winds at NNW. Hazey weather with rain in the night. At 4 PM wieghd run in nearer the South shore and Anchord in 41/2 fathom water a Soft sandy bottom - the south point of the Bay bearing East distant 1 Mile and a River into which the Boats can go at low water SSE distant 11/2 Mile —

In the Morning the Natives came off again to the Ship but their be havour was very different to what it was yestermorning and the little traffick we had with them was carried on very fair and friendly. Two came on board the Ship to each I gave a piece of English Cloth and some Spike nails —

After the Natives were gone I went with the Pinnace and Long-boat into the River to ha^ule the Sene.   and sent the Master to sound the Bay and dridge for fish in the yawl. We ha^uled the Sene in several places in the River but caught only a few Mullet, with which we return'd on board about noon —

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