1 November 1769
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1 November 1769

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1 November 1769

Wednesday 1st November P.M. As we stood along shore, / having little wind and Variable / we saw a great deal of Cultivated land laid out ^in regular inclosures a sure sign ^that the Country is both fertile and well inhabited,   some Canoes came off from the Shore but would not come near the Ship. At 8 brought too 3 Miles from the shore   the Land seen yesterday bearing West and which we now saw was an Island bore SW. distant 8 Leagues I have named it white Island because as such it always appear'd to us —

At 5 AM made sail along shore to the SW. having little wind at ESE and Clowdy weather. At 8 saw between 40 and 50 Canoes in shore several of them came off to the Ship and being about us some time they venterd along side and sold us some Lobsters Mussels and two Conger ells - After these were gone some others came off from a nother place with mussels only and but few of these they thought proper to part with, thinking that they had a right to every thing we handed them into their boats without makeing any return - At last the people in one Canoe took away some linnen that was towing over the side which they would not return for all that we could say to them. upon this I fire'd a Musquet ball thro' the boat, and after that a nother musquet load with with small shott.  neither of which they minded, only pull'd off a little and then shook their paddles at us, at which I fir'd a third musquet and the ball striking the water pretty near them, they immidiatly apply'd their paddles to a nother use.   but after they thought themselves out of reach they got all together and Shook again their paddles at us. I then gave the Ship a yaw and fir'd a four pounder this sent them quite off and we kept on our Course along shore having a light breeze at ESE At Noon was ^we were in the Latitude of 37°..545' and the Island before mentioned, which is called by the Natives Noahhole bore White Island bearing N. 29° West distant 8 Leagues —

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