17 October 1769
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17 October 1769

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17 October 1769

Tuesday 17th PM Winds at West a fresh breeze in the night    Variable light Airs and Calm, AM a gentle breeze between the NW and NE. Seeing no likelyhood of meeting with a harbour and the face of the Country Vissibly altering for the worse I thought that the standing farther to the South would ^not be attended with any Valuable discovery, but would be loosing of time which might be better employ'd and with a greater probabillity of Success in examining the Coast to the Northward    with this View at 1 PM we tacked and stood to the Southward Northward having the wind at west a fresh breeze, at this time we could see the land extending SWBS at least 10 or 12 Leagues —

The Bluff head or high point of land we were abreast off yesterday at noon, I have calld Cape Turn again because here we returnd, it lies in the Latitude of 40°..34' So Longitude 182°..56' West and 18 Leagues SSW and SSW1/2W from Cape Kidnappers.   the land between them is of a very unequal height in some places it is high with White Clift[s] next the Sea, in others low with sandy beaches. The face of the Country is not nearly so well clothed with wood as it is about Hawkes Bay but for the most part looks like our high Downs in England, and to all appearences well inhabited, for we saw several Villages as we run along shore not only in the Vallies but on the Tops and Sides of the Hills, and smooks in other places. The ridge of Mountains before-mentioned extends to the Southward farther than we could see and are every where checquer'd with snow —

This night saw 2 Large fires up in the inland Country, a sure sign that it must be inhabited. At Noon Cape Kidnappers bore No 56° West distant 7 Leagues. Latd. Obd. 39° 52' S.

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