16 October 1769
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16 October 1769

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16 October 1769

Monday October 16th First and latter part fresh breezes Northerly, in the ^night Variable and sometimes calm. At 2 PM past by a small, but a pretty high white Island lying close to the Shore, on this Island we saw a good ma[n]y houses, Boats and some people, we concluded that they must be fishers because the Island was quite barren. We like wise saw several people upon the Shore in a small Bay on the Main within the Island. At 7 the Southermost land in sight bore SWBS and Cape Kidnappers N3/4E distant 8 Leagues being then about 2 Leagues from the Shore and had 55 fathom water. At 11 brought too untill day light then made sail along shore to the Southward; at 7 past a pretty high point of Land which lies SSW 12 Leagues from Cape Kidnappers, from this point the land trends 3/4 of a point more to the Westward - At 10 saw more land oppen to the Southward at SWBS- At Noon the Southermost land in sight bore S. 39° West distant. 8 or 10 Leagues, and a high bluff head with yellowish clifts bore west distant 2 Miles, Latd observe'd 40°..34' South, depth of water 32 fm.

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