7 October 1769
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7 October 1769

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7 October 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Courses Distce Saild Latd in South Longd in West [of Greenwich]  
Sat. 7 NE SE Varble N 70° Wt   38°..57' 177..54  

Gentle breezes and settled weather. At 2 PM saw land from the mast head bearing WBN, which we stood directly for, and could but just see it of the deck at sun set. Variation pr Az. and Ampd 15°..41/2' East.  By observations of the Sun and Moon made this afternoon the Longitude of the Ship is 180°..55' W: by the mean of these and subsequent observations the error of the Ships accou[n]t in Longd from Georges Island is 3°..16', that is the Ship is so much to the westward of the Longde resulting from the Log which is what is insert'd [in] the columns. At Midnight brought too, and sounded but had no ground with 170 fath: At day light made sail in for the land. At Noon it bore from SW to NWBN distant 8 Leagues. Latitude Observed 38°..57' St

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