6 October 1769
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6 October 1769

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6 October 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Courses Distce Saild Latd in South Longd in West [of Greenwich]  
Octr     Miles      
Frid. 6 ENE SW 62 39..11 177..2  

Little wind and fine pleasent weather. Saw some Seals, sea-weed and Port Egmont Hens. PM Variation pr Azth 12° 50' East, pr Ampd 12°..40'. AM pr Azth 14°.. 2' Et the difference is 1°..3' and the Ship has only gone 9 Leagues in the time. The Colour of the water appears to be ^ paler than Common and hath been so for some days past    this makes us sound frequently, but can find no ground with 180 fathoms of line.

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