3 October 1769
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3 October 1769

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3 October 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Course's Distce Saild Lat in South Longd in West [of Greenwich]  
Octr 69         ° ..  '   ° ..  '  
Tues. 3 Southerly N 60° Wt 36..56     28 36..56 173..27  

Little wind and some times Calm. AM. Variation pr Azth 13°.22' East, saw some fish like skip Jacks and a small sort that appear'd very transparent. took up a very small peice of wood with Barnacles upon it a pr^oof that it had been some time at Sea; some very large Albetroses about the Ship & other birds - the Observed Latitude is 10 Miles to the northward of that given by the Log, and it was the same yesterday which I think is a proff that their must be a current seting to the northward notwithstanding we did not find any when we try'd it —

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