1 October 1769
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1 October 1769

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1 October 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Course's Dist Saild Latd in South Longd in West [of Greenwich] Bearings &Ca at Noon
Octr     Miles   ° ..  '   ° ..  '  
Sund. 1 N 16° W South to WBN N 16° W 43 37..45 172..376  

Little wind in the Day time and Calm in the night. At 8 AM soundd but had no ground with a 120 fathom of line. saw an emence number of Birds the most of them were Doves, saw likewise a Seal a Sleep upon the water which we at first took for a crooked Billet, these creatures, as they lay upon the water hold their Fins up in a very odd manner and very different to any I have seen before; we generally reckon that seals never go out of soundings or far from land ^ but the few we have seen in this sea is certainly an excepton to that rule and ^ however one would think that we were not far from some land from the peices of Rock weed we see daily floating upon the water. To day we took up a small peice of stick but to all appearences it had been a long time at sea —

The observe'd Latd is considerably to the northward of that given by the Log.   in so much that I think there must be some current seting from the southward —

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