29 September 1769
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29 September 1769

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29 September 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Course's Dist Saild Latd in South Longd in West [of Greenwich] Bearings &Ca at Noon
      Miles   ° ..  '   ° ..  '  
Friday 29 SW. N 59° Wt 60 38..30 170..14  

Strong gales and squally the first part the remainder afresh breezes and settled weather. At 1 PM. was obliged to take in the Topsails, but set them again at 4. At 11 AM saw a Bird something like a snipe only it had a short Bill, it had the appearence of a land bird, Several Albetroses, Pintado Birds, and sheer-waters about the Ship, and a number of Doves, of these we have seen more or less ever since the 31st of last month the day we first saw them —

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