2 September 1769
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2 September 1769

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2 September 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Courses Distce Sail'd Latd in South Longd in West [of Greenwich] Bearings &Ca Noon
Sepr 69            
Sat: 2 West N. 54° 30' E 46 39°..45' 145°..39'  

Very Strong gales with heavy Squalls of Wind, hail and rain. At 4 PM ^being in the Latd of 40° 22' So and having not the least Visiable signs of Land, we wore and brought too und^er the fore sail and reefd the Main sail and handed it. I did intend to have stood to the Southward, if the winds had been moderate so long as they continued Westerly ^notwithstanding we had no prospect of meeting with land, rather than stand back to ye northrd on the same track as we came   but as the weather is ^was so very tempestuous I ^laid a side this design, thought thinking it the more advisable to stand to the Northward in hope of meeting with ^into better weather least we should receive such damages in our sails & rigging as might hinder the further prosecutions of the Voyage —

Albetroses, Pintado Birds and Doves about the Ship, and a Bird larger than a duck, his plumage of a dark brown, with a yallow beak. we saw of these birds in our passage to the northward after doubling Cape Horn. At Noon the weather was more Moderate   set the reef'd Main sail, a great Sea from the WSW

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