30 August 1769
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30 August 1769

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30 August 1769

Week Days &Ca Winds Courses Distce Saild in Miles Latd In South Longd in West [of Greenwich] Bearings &Ca at Noon
Wed. 30 Westerly S3/4E 81 38°..20' 147°..6'  

th. Fresh breeze and fair weather. At 1 AM saw the Comet a little above the horizon in the East, it pass'd the Meridian about 1/2 past 4-   the tail of the Comet subtended an Angle of 42°. At 8 AM Variation pr Azth 7°..9' Et    Bent a nother suit of sails - Saw a peice of Rock weed, some Pintado Birds and Sheer-waters and a Green Bird something smaller than a Dove, but it was not near enough to distinguish whither it was a Sea or land bird, it was only seen by one person and he probably was mistaken in the Colour — A Swell from the SW

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