17 July 1769
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17 July 1769

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17 July 1769

Monday 17th Winds Southerly fine pleasent weather    At 3 PM Anchor'd in a small Harbour on the West side of the Island / call'd by the Native[s] Owharhe / in 18 fathom water clear ground and secure from all winds.   soon after, I went a Shore, accompined by Mr Banks, Dr Solander and Dr Munkhouse, Tobiaupia, the King of the Island and some other of the Natives who had been on board since the Morning. The Moment we landed Tobiaupia striped him self as low as his waist and disired Mr Munkhouse to do the same, he then sat down before a great number of the natives that were collected together in a large Shade or house, the rest of us by his own desire standing behind; he then begun a long speach or prayer which lasted near a 1/4 of an hour and in the course of this Speach presented to the people two handkerchiefs, a black silk neckcloth, some beads and two very small bunches of feathers, these things he had before provided for this purpose, at the same time two Chiefs spoke on the other side in answer to Tobiaupia as I suppose in behalf of the people and presented us with some young Plantains Plants and two small bunches of feathers   these were by Tobiaupia order'd to be carried on board the Ship, after the Peace was thus concluded and ratified every one was at Liberty to go where he pleased and the first thing Tobiaupia did was to go and pay his oblations at one of the Maries. This seem'd to be a common ceremony with this people and I suppose always perform'd upon land^ing on each others Territories in a peaceable manner; it farther appear'd that the things which Tobiaupia gave away was for the God of this people as they gave us a Hog and some Cocoa-nuts for our God, and thus they have certainly drawn us in to commit sacrilege for the Hog hath already received sentence of death and is to be dissected to morrow —

AM I set about surveying the Island and Dr Munkhouse with some hands went a shore to trade with the Natives, while the Long-boat was employ'd compleating our water —

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