1 May 1769
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1 May 1769

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1 May 1769

Monday, May the 1st This morning Tootaha came on board the Ship, and was very desireous of seeing into every Chest and Drawer that was in the Cabbin. I satisfied his curiosity so far as to open most of those that belong'd to be [me], he saw several things that he took a fancy to and collected them together, but at last he cast his eye upon the Adze I had from Mr Stephens that was made in immitation of one of their Stone Adzes or axes, the moment he lay his hands upon it he of his own accord put away everything he had got before and ask'd me if I would give him that which I very readily did and he went away without asking for any one thing more which I by experence knew -- was a sure sign that he was well pleased with what he had got —

This day one of the Natives who appear'd to be a chief dined with us as he had done some days before, but than there were always some Women present and one or a nother of them put the Victuals into his mouth but this day there happen'd to be none to perform that office; when he was helpt to Victuals and desired to eat he sat in the chair like a Stattute without once attempting to put one morsel to his mouth and would certainly have gone without his dinner if one of the Servants had not fed him: We have often found the Women very officious in feeding of us, from which it shwould seem that it is a custom upon some occations for them to feed the Chiefs, however this is the only instance of that kind we have seen, or that they could not help themselves as well as any of us —

This afternoon We set up the Observatory and took the Astronomical Quadt a shore for the first time, together with some other Instruments. The Fort being no[w] finished and made as Tenable as the Time, Nature and situation of the ground, and materials we had to work upon would admit of -  The North and south parts consisted of a Bank of earth 41/2 feet high on the inside, and a Ditch without, 10 feet broad and 6 feet deep: on the west side faceing the Bay a Bank of earth 4 feet high and Pallisades upon that, but no ditch  the works being at highwater mark: on the East side upon the Bank of the River was place'd a double row of casks: and as this was the weakest side the 2 four pounders were planted there, and the whole was defended beside these 2 Guns with 6 Swivels and generally about 45 Men with small arms including the officers and gentlemen who resided aShore; I now thought myself perfectly secure from anything these people could attempt;—

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