22 April 1769
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22 - 27 April 1769

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22 April 1769

Saturday, 22nd to Thursday, 27th Nothing worthy of note happned, the people were continueally at work upon the Fort and the Natives were so far reconciled to us that they rather assisted us than not- This day we Mounted Six swivels at the Fort, which was now nearly finished, this Struck the Natives with some fear, and some fishermen who live'd upon the point move'd farther off, and old Owhaa told us by signs that after 4 days we should fire great guns from the Ship, there were some other circumstances cooperate'd with this mans Prophecy, whither an opinion hath prevail'd amongst them that after that ^ time we intend to fire upon them, or that they intend to attack us we know not, the first we do not intend and the latter is ^ unless the latter takes place which is highly improbable — [12]

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