14 April 1769
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14 April 1769

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14 April 1769

1769 Friday Apl 14th This morning we had a great many canoes about the Ship, the Most of them came from the westward but brought nothing with them but a few Cocoa-nuts &Ca  Two that appear'd to be Chiefs we had on board together with several others for it was a hard matter to keep them out of the Ship.  as they clime like Munkeys, but it was still harder to keep them from Stealing but every thing that came within their reach, in this they are prodiges expert- I made each of the two Chiefs a present of a Hatchet things that they seem'd mostly to Value- As soon as we had partly got clear of these People, I took two Boats and went to the Westward all the Gentlemen being along with me, my design was to see if there was not a more comm[o]dious Harbour, and to try the disposission of the Natives having along with us the two Chiefs above mentioned; the first place we landed at was in Great Canoe Harbour / so call'd by Capn Wallis / here the Natives Flock'd about us in Great Numbers and in as friendly a Manner as we could wish, only that they shew'd a great inclination to pick our pockets. We was were conducted to a Chief who for distinction sake we called Hercules, after staying a Short time with him and distributing a few presents about us, we proceeded further and came to a Chief who I shall call Lycurgus, this man entertain'd us with Broil'd fish Bread fruit Cocoa-nuts &Ca with great hospitality.  and all the time took great care to tell us to take care of our pockets.  as a great number of people had crowded about us.  notwithstanding the care we took Dr Solander and Dr Munkhouse had each of them their pockets pick'd the one of his spy glass and the other of his snuff Box; as soon as Lycurgus was made acquainted with the theift he dispers'd the people in a Moment and the method he made use of was to lay hold on the first thing that came in his way and throw it at them and happy was he or she that could get first out of his way — [7]

he seem'd very much concern'd for what had happend and by way of recompence offer'd us but every thing that was in his House, but we refuse'd to accept of any thing and made signs to him that we only wanted the things again. he had already sent people out after them and it was not long before they were return'd   We found the Natives very Numerous wherever we came and from what we could judge seem'd very peaceably inclin'd.   about 6 oClock in the evening we return'd on board very well satisfied with our little excursion —

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People in South Seas Companion: Monkhouse, William | Solander, Daniel Carlsson | Tupura'ai Tamaita ('Lycurgus') | Tutaha ('Hercules') | Wallis, Samuel
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