9 April 1769
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9 April 1769

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9 April 1769

Week Days Month Days Winds Course's Distce Sail'd in Miles Lat. In [South] Longd in [West from] Greenwich Bearings at Noon
Sunday 9 EBN to NBE West Northerly 81 17..42 146..40  

A Steady fresh gale and pleasent weather-- At 2 PM Saw Land to the northward, haul'd up for it and found it to be a double range of low woody Islands join'd together by reefs and by that ^ which means ^ they make one Island in form of an Ellipsis or Oval, in the Middle of which is a Salt Water Lake; the Small Islands and reefs circumscribes or bounds this Lake Like a Chain and ^ it is therefore call'd Chain Island, it is in length, NW & SE about 5 Leagues and in breadth about 5 Miles- the middle of it lies in the Latitude of 17°.. 23' S and Longitude 145°..54' West, and WBN. 45 Leagues from Bird Island- Variation per Several Azths 42° 54' E.

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