5 April 1769
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5 April 1769

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5 April 1769

Week Days Month Days Winds Course's Distce Sail'd in Miles Lat. In [South] Longd in [West from Greenwich] Bearings &Ca at Noon
Wednesday 5 Et N. 77°..30' West 79 18..25 140..51  

A fresh steady gale and fine weather. at 1 PM made sail to the westward and at half past 3 saw land to the N.W. which we got up with at sun set, and ^ it prov'd to be a low woody Island of a circular form and not much above a Mile in Compass — This Island I call'd Thrum Cap, it lies in the Latitude of 18°..35' So and in the Longitude of 139°..48' West from Greenwich, and North 62°. West 7 Leagues from Lagoon Island- We saw no Inhabitants nor the appearence of any and yet we was ^ were within half a Mile of the Shore. I observed by the shore that it was near Low-water.   and at Lagoon Island I observed that it was either High-water or else there was no Ebing and flowing of the sea - from these circumstances I infer that a SBE or South Moon makes High-water-- Here we caught a King Fish being the first fish we have got in those Seas —

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