26 March 1769
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26 March 1769

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26 March 1769

Week Days Month Days Winds Course's Distce Sail'd in Miles Latd In South Longd in West from Greenwich Bearings &Ca. at Noon
Sunday 26 NW to Wt       127..43  

Squally weather with rain-   at 5 PM Saw some sea Weed pass the Ship, and at 7 Wm Greenslade Marine either by Accident or design went overboard and was drownded; the following circumstances makes it appear as tho it was done designedly, he had been Centinal at the Stearage door between 12 and 4 oClock where he had taken part of a Seal Skin put under his and charge which was found upon him,   The other Marines thought themselves hurt by one of their party commiting a crime of this nature, and he being a raw young fellow, its and is very probable made him resolve upon commiting this rash action; for the Sergant, not being willing that it should pass over unknown to me, was about 7 oClock going to bring him aft to have it inqured into when he gave him the Slip between decks and was seen to go upon the Fore Castle, and from that time was seen no more —  I was niether made acquainted with the Theft or the circumstances attending it untill the Man was gone

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