24 March 1769
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24 March 1769

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24 March 1769

Week Days Month Days Winds Course's Distce Sail'd in Miles Latd In South Longd in West from Greenwich Bearings &Ca. at Noon
1769 March              
Friday 24 WNW to NW NEBN1/4 E 99 23°..23' 129..2  

Fresh gales and Clowdy, with some rain ^ in the fore part of this day. All the Fore part of these 24 hours the Sea was Smooth but at 12 at night it was more so, and about 3 in the Morning one of the People saw or thought they he saw a Log of Wood pass the Ship; this made us think we was ^ were near some land, but at Day light we saw not ^ the least appearences of any and I did not think my self at liberty to spend time in searching for what I was not sure to find, altho at this time I did not think to ^ I thought my self ^ not far from those Islands discover'd by Quiros in 1606 and very probable we was were not, from the birds &ca   we have seen for these 2 or 3 days past — [4]

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