4 February 1769
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4 February 1769

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Joseph Banks



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4 February 1769

Week Days Mo Days Winds Course's Distce Sail'd in Miles Latd in South Longd in W: form
Bearings &Ca Noon
4 Westerly N. 13° W 48 57°..45' 82°..16'  

Fore and middle parts little wind and dark clowdy weather latter fresh gales and clowdy with some rain, PM had a boat out and shott several sorts of Birds, one of which was an Albetross as large as a Goose whose wings when extended measured 10 feet 2 Inches,   this was grey but their are of them all white except the very tip end of their wing -a nother sort in size between an Albestross and a large Gull, of a gray colour with a white spot above their tail about the bredth of ones hand, and several other sorts — [3]

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