31 January 1769
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31 January 1769

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31 January 1769

Week Days Mo Days Winds Course's Distce Sail'd in Miles Latd in South Longd in W: form
Bearings &Ca Noon
Sunday Tuesday 31 WNW Calm ESE SSE N 71° W. 55 59' 46' 75°..54'  

First part Moderate and Clowdy with some rain, in the night little wind and Calm.   towards noon fresh gales and Clowdy. Between 7 and 8 PM being then in the Latd of 60°..10' which was the fartherest south we was, and in the Longitude of 74°..30' — found the Variation of the compass by the mean of 18 Azimuths to be 27°.9' East — at 3 AM wind at ESE a Moderate breeze, set the S[t]udding sails, and soon after 2 birds like Penguins was were seen by the mate of the watch — [2]

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