15 January 1769
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15 January 1769

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15 January 1769

Sunday 15th Moderate breeze ^at South & SE and Clowdy weather the greater part of this Day —  

At 2 PM the Master return'd with an account that there was Anchorage in 4 fathom water and a good bottom close to the Eastward of the first black bluf point which is on the East side of Cape St Vincent, at the very entrance of the Cove we saw from the Ship / which I named Vincents Bay / before this Anchoring ground lay several rocky Ledges cover'd with Sea Weed, on these Ledges I was informed was not less than 8 or 9 fathom, but in standing in with the Ship the first we came upon had only 4 fathom upon it. I therefore thought that Anchoring here would be attended with some risk, and that it would be better to endeavour to find some port in the Strait and there compleat our Wood and Water. however I sent a Boat with an officer a Shore to attend on Mr Banks and People who was very desireous of being aShore at any rate, While I kept plying as near the shore as possible with the Ship. At 9 they return'd on board bringing with them several Plants Flowers, &Ca most of them unknown in Europe and in that alone consisted their whole Value; they saw none of the Natives but met with several of their ^ old Hutts-- hoisted the Boat in and made Sail into the Strats, and at 3 AM Anchor'd in 121/2 fathom Water, / the bottom Corral rock, / before a small cove which we took for Port Maurice and near 1/2 a Mile from the shore Cape St Diego SSW and Cape Bartholomew / which is the So point of Staten Land / ESE — Port Maurice appeared to afford so little Shelter for Shipping that I did not think it worth while to hoist a Boat out to Examine it — We saw here two of the Natives come down to the Shore who stay'd some time then retired into the woods again  —

At 10 oClock got under sail wind at S.E. and Plyed to Windward —

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