29 December 1768
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29 December 1768

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29 December 1768

Week Days Month Days Winds Courses Distce in Miles Latd in South Longd in W: from
Bearing At Noon
Thursday 29 NEterly So 46 30' Wt 81 41..45' 59.. 37'  

First part Moderate breeze and Clowdy, remainder a fresh breeze and clear, PM loosed all the Reefs out and got topgt yards aCross, Variation pr Azth 16..12'; pr ampd 16.. 32', mean of the two 16.. 22' East - between 9 and 10 AM took Seven sets of Observations between the Sun and Moon to find the Longitude of the Ship, each set consisting of three observations, the Mean of the Whole gave 59.. 18'.. 34" West of Greenwich; the result of each set was as follows / Viz / 1st set - 59.. 8', 2nd 59.. 21': 3rd 59..34'; 4th 59..17'; 5th 59.. 11'.. 45"; 6th 59.. 19'.. 30" and the 7th 59.. 20'.. 45" - the greatest difference between any two, /viz / between the 1st and 3rd is but 26'. and the mean of these two differs from the mean of the whole only 2'..26": this shews to what degree of accuracy these observations can be made, even by different Persons. for 4 of these were made and computed by Mr Green and the rest by myself: the Longd given by the Ship reckoning from the last observations five days ago differs only eight miles from the Observns which shews that we have not been in any currents — Soundings from 40 to 47 fm

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