5 December 1768
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5 December 1768

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5 December 1768

Monday 5th First part little wind, & Clowdy, middle Thunder lightning and rain, the latter little wind at SW and fair - At 4 AM Weighed and tow'd down the Bay / being calm / with an intent to go to Sea, but having two Shott fired at us from Santa Cruz Fort was obliged to come to an Anchor and to send a boat to the fort to know the reason of their fireing, who it seems had no orders to let us pass without which no ship can go to sea.   this surprise'd me not a little as I had but this very morning received a very polite litter from the Viceroy / in answer to one I had wrote some days ago / wherein he wishes me a good Voyage. I immediatly dispatched a Petty officer to the Viceroy to know the reason why we was not permitted to pass the Fort, the Boat very soon return'd with an order to the Capt of the Fort to let us pass which order had been wrote some days ago, but either by design or neglect had not been sent - At a 11 weigh'd in order to put to sea but before we could heave up the Anchor it got hold of a rock where it held fast in spite of all our endeavours to clear it untill the Sea breeze set in —

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