20 November 1768
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20 November 1768

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20 November 1768

Sunday, 20th First part close clowdy weather, the Middle a very hard Storm of wind and rain, the latter Moderate with rain. This afternoon sent Lieutenant Hicks in the Pinnace with an Answer to the Viceroys Memorial, with orders not to suffer a Soldier to be put into the Boat upon which the guard boat attended him to the landing place and reported it to the Viceroy, who refused to receive the Memorial and order'd Mr Hicks on board again, but in the mean time they had put a guard into the boat which Mr Hicks insisted should be order'd out that he might return on board in the same manner as he came Without a guard, and upon his refuseing to return otherways, all the Boat's Crew were by Armed force taken out of the Boat / tho they gave no provications nor made the least resistance/ and hurried to prision where they remain'd until the next day: Mr Hicks was then put into one of their Boats and brought on board under the Custody of a guard: emmidiately upon my hearing of this I wrote to the Viceroy demanding my Boat and crew and his Excellencys reason for detaining her: and inclosed the Memorial he had before refused to received. This I sent by a Petty Officer, as I had never objected to a guard being put into any of my Boats wherein was no PettyCommission officer He was admitted a Shore and deliver'd the letter, and was told an Answer would be sent the next day. This Evening, between 8 and 9 oClock came on an excessive hard storm of wind and rain, the Long boat coming on board the same time with 4 Pipes of Rum in her, the rope they got hold of broke and she went a drift. The Yawl was emidiatly sent after her, but the Long boat filling with water they brought her to a Grappling and left her and the Yawl with the People got on board about three in the morning. Early this Morning I sent to the Viceroy to acquaint him with the loss of our boat, to desire leave and the assistance of a Shore boat to look after her and at the same time to demand the Pinnace and her crew. After some time the whole was granted and we was so fortunate as to the find the Long boat the same day and lik[e]wise the 4 Pipes of Rum but every other thing that was in her was lost.

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