12 November 1768
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12 November 1768

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12 November 1768

Week Days Month Days Winds Course Dist. in Miles Latd in Longd in West from Greenwich Bearings at Noon
Saturday 12 NE ENE S'60° 30' 59. 23° 6'   Isle of Cape Frio Nt 6o° E Distce 4 Leagues

Gentle breezes and fine clear wea:r At 2 PM sounded but had no ground with 38 fm and soon after Sounded and had none at 50 fm from which it appears that w^e are to the southward of the Bank we have been upon for these two days past. It extends off from the land ^ betwn the Lat. 21 & 22 not less then 15 or 20 Leags. ^ how much farther I know not; standing in from sea the depth of water very soon deminisheth from 30 to 20 & 17 fathm afterwards gradually to 9, 8 and even to 6 fm but between this shoal Water and the main which is 6 or 7 Leagues, you will have 10, 12 and even 16 fm till you come within two or three Leagues of the Shore, the bottom is of Various kinds, somtimes corral rocks, correl sands and broken shells, Course sand and broken shells, Small Stones, and at other times fine sand, Varying almost every cast of the Lead. At 5 pm saw the land bearing NWBW1/2W Dist. 10 or 12 Leagues which proved to be the Island off Cape Frio: it appeared in two Hillocks and from the Deck looked like two small Islands. Took several Azimuths of the Sun which gave the Variation 6..40' East. At 8 AM the Isle of Cape Frio bore WBN, 4 Leags this Island is Situated in the Lat.d of 23..2' S and according to our reckoning in the Longd of 38..45' West from Greenwich, but from many circumstances I have good reason to think that our reckoning is wrong and that it lies in the Longd of 41..10' W: It is not of a large circuit but tolerable high with a hollow in the middle which makes it looke like two Islands when it first makes it appearence out of the water, it lays not far from the main which here with the Island forms a right Angle one side trending North and the other West. To ^the Northward of the Island and between it and the Main there appears to lay several smaller Islands near each other. The main land on the Sea Coast appears to be low, but inland are high Mountains. Drawing N 4 exhibites a View of this Island when it bore WNW distant 4 Leagues.

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