28 October 1768
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28 October 1768

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28 October 1768

Week Days Month Days Winds Course Dist.ce in
Lat.d in Long.d in West from
Bearings at Noon
Friday 28 SE to SEBE S 33° W. 93 3° 41' 32° 29' D.o

Fresh Breeze and fine clear weather. At a little past 1 AM Long.d in by the three following observations / viz./ by the Moon and ^ the * Arietis, 32°.. 27' 0", by the moon and Pollux, 32° 0' 15", by D.o 31°.. 48'.. 32"; the mean of the Whole is 32°.. 5'.. 16" West from Greenwich, which is 31' more Westerly than the Long.d by account carried on sence the last observation. The two first observation were made and computed by Mr Green and the last by my self. ^The * Arietis was on one side of the Moon and Pollux on the other. This day at Noon being nearly in the Lat.d of the Island Ferdinand Noronha to the Westward of it by some charts and to the Eastward by others, was in expectation of seeing it or some of those shoals that are laid down in most charts between it and the main, but we saw neither one nor a nother. We certainly pass'd to the Eastward of the Island, and as to the shoals I don't think they exhist grounding this my opinion on the Journal of some East India Ships I have seen, who was were detaind by contrary winds between this Island and the main and being 5 or six Ships in Compney, doubtless must have seen ^ some of them did they lay as marked in the charts.

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