26 October 1768
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26 October 1768

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26 October 1768

Week Days Month Days Winds Course Dist.ce in
Lat.d in Long.d in West from
Bearings at Noon
Wednesday 26 SE to SSE S 31° W. 77 1° 21' St. 30°18' Do N 25° 30' E Dt 385 Ls

First part light airs and clowdy weather. the remainder a moderate breeze and clowdy. after we had got an observation and it was no longer doubted that we were to the southward of the Line, the Ceremony on this occassion practised by all Nations was not omitted: every one that could not prove upon a Sea Chart that he had before crossed the Line was either to pay a bottle of Rum or be ducked in the sea, and this was which former case was the fate of by far the greatest part on board, and as several of the Men choose to be ducked and the weather being was favourable for that purpose, this ceremony was performed on about 20 or 30 to the no small deversion of the rest.

Concepts in South Seas Companion: crossing the line

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