4 October 1768
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4 October 1768

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4 October 1768

Week Days Month Days Winds Course Dist.ce in
Latitude in Longd in West from
Bearings at Noon
Tuesday 4 Var'ble S 53 W. 17 11 53' 22 32' Do N 2 E. Dt 82 L.

Calm for the greatest part of these 24 hours. By an Observation we had this Morning of the Sun and Moon, found our selves in the Longd of 22° 32' 30" West from Greenwich that by account is 21° 58', the difference being 34 Miles Westerly, which doth not agree with the Seting of the current for having try'd it twice to day and found it set to the ESE 1 Mile per hour, and at the same time found the Ship to the Southward of the Log by the Noon observation 10 miles. Served Portable soup and Sour Krout to the Ship's Compney.

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