6 September 1768
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6 September 1768

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6 September 1768

Week DaysMonth Days WindsCourse Distce in Miles Latd in Longd in West from GreenwichBearings at Noon
Tuesday 6 NW S 42 W 70 42 1' 9 50' W C. Finister N. 42 E 70 miles

Moderate breezes and clear weather these 24 hours. AM found the Variation by the Mean of 5 Azth to be 21 40' West, which is three degrees more than what it was found yesterday, which I cannot account for, as by this both Observations appeared to me to be equally well made. At 10 28' AM had an Observation of the Sun and Moon, which gave the Long:d 9 40' West from Greenwich. By this Observation Cape Finister must lie in 8 52' and by that made yesterday in 8 40', the mean of the two is 8 46' West of Greenwich, the Longitude of the Cape, its Lat:d being 42 53' North.

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