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St Helena


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St Helena (continued)

Some are Evidently burnt almost to a cinder, especialy those which are found near the bottoms of Valleys, as may be seen in going up Side Path and probably Ladder Hill also; others shew small bubbles as is seen in glass which has been urgd almost to fusion; again others which perhaps from their situation on the tops of Ridges have been exposd to a far less degree of heat or from their own apyrous qualities shew scarce any signs of having been in fire: yet in many of these if carefully examind are found small peices of extraneous bodies such as Mundics &c which have submitted to the fire, tho it was not able to make any alteration in the appearance of the stone which containd them.

Thus much for these Suggestions, fit only for those who can beleive a Babilonian Chronology. I Pass now to the present state of the Island, a subject which would afford much entertainment to a contemplative mind

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