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New South Wales


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New South Wales (continued)

Wageegee   the head | Meanang   Fire
Morye the hair | Walba   a stone
Melcea the ears | Yowall   Sand
Yembe the Lips | Gurka   a Rope
Bonjoo the Nose | Bama   a Man
Unjar the tongue | Poinja   a male Turtle
Wallar the Beard | Mameingo   a female
Doomboo the Neck | Maragan   a Canoe
Cayo the Nipples | Pelenyo   to Paddle
Toolpoor the Navel | Takai   Set down
Mangal the Hands | Mierbarrar   smooth
Coman the thighs | Garmbe   Blood
Pongo the Knees | Yocou   Wood
Edamal the Feet | Tapool   bone in nose
Kniorror the Heel | Charngala   a Bag
Chumal the Sole | Cherr } expressions maybe of admiration which they continualy usd while in company with us
Chongarn the ancle | Cherco }
Kulke the Nails | Yarcaw }
Gallan the Sun | Tut tut tut tut }
    |   }

They very often use the article Ge which seems to answer to our English `a’ as Ge Gurka a rope.

consists, some only being added that were in only one list such as from the ease with which signs might be contrivd to ask them were thought little less certain than the others.

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